For Associations

Want a Simple New Revenue Stream?


Associations can now easily add a new revenue stream by participating in our innovative Data Revenue program.

We anonymize your member data into digital IDs so they are connected for display advertising on the web. There’s no need to worry about security, privacy or spam; you never give up control of your member data or list and all personally identifiable information remains private.

You earn revenue when advertisers choose to show their display ads to your members. There’s no need to change anything on your site or send emails to members.


Advertisers request media campaigns to your members around the web.  We set it up and manage everything on your behalf– your staff doesn’t need to lift a finger. You collect a data fee on the targeting media they buy. There’s absolutely no privacy risk to you or your members, as no personally identifiable information is shared.

Working with sponsors, vendors, or partners to digitally advertise through this program gives your association a fast, recurring boost in revenue – without requiring any allotment of time, resources, or personnel.

Contact us today for details on getting started.